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To discuss any sinus infection home remedy, it is important is to understand what Sinus infection, or sinusitis means and what are the symptoms of sinus infection. Several sinus infection home remedy recommendations have been traditionally passed down through generations,but one needs to be selective in finding the most suitable one. Sinus, if just barely defined as inflammation of paranasal sinuses, will be a too vague description of the agonizing ailment. According to the web-site WebMed, to speak anatomically our skull has four pairs of tunnels or sacks, which are known as paranasal sinuses, connecting the gap between the nostrils and nasal passage. They surround the nasal cavity, above and between the eyes, and behind the ethmoids. These air-packed spaces work as the insulators within our skull, helping to reduce its weight and allowing our voice to resonate. Prior to seeking some home remedies for sinus infection , let us delve more into the symptoms of sinus inbfection. There are several resources online that provide myriad home remedies for sinus infection; but one needs to find out those which are really effective and potent remedies.
The sinus infection is mostly classified as acute, sub-acute and chronic depending on the duration of the ailment. An affliction for a period below a month can be termed as acute. The sub-acute cases generally span between 4-8 weeks, whereas the chronic ones continue over two months. Acute sinus infection is sometimes triggered by preexisting upper respiratory tract infection, which generally is of viral nature. Now, let us quickly discuss about the symptoms of sinus infection and sinus pressure.

While searching for home remedies for sinus infection, it is pertinent to figure out the sinus infection symptoms. Facial pain or headache or perpetual pressure-like aching on the sinus areas is common symptom of the acute and chronic sinusitis. This pain usually remains localized and can worsen when the afflicted person bends or lies down. The pain often initiate on one side of the head and travels sideways. Thick nasal discharge, greenish in color with traces of pus or blood, often accompanies acute sinus infection. Often toothache and infection of eye socket are not uncommon.
Symptoms of Sinus Infection
The Symptoms of chronic sinus infection or sinusitis may embrace any combination of the diverse manifestations: headache, facial pain, nasal congestion, headache, dizziness, coughing during night, escalation of pre-existent or minor/controlled symptoms of asthma, general malaise, thick green or yellow nasal discharge, feeling of facial or 'tightness' or 'fullness' that may worsen when leaning over, aching teeth, halitosis. Please keep in mind, each of these symptoms might have multiple possible causes and are candidates for separate investigation and exploration. Often the chronic cases may lead to anosmia which leads to a reduced sense of smell. Also, the cases of chronic sinus are also categorized as cases with polyps and those without polyps.The discussion on symptoms of sinus infection may run into pages and encompass specialized medical references, which may be outside the purview of this non-medical blog.

The fact is that sinus infection is a common ailment, so common that we can easily identify a number of sufferers amongst our friends and close relatives. It is so pervasive that about 25 million cases are reported in the USA and I am not aware of the global number.
Sinus Infection Home Remedy - Some Well-known Resources
I am not sure whether there is any single definitive blanket medicinal remedy for sinus infection, because it is a myriad inter-play of diverse symptoms and multiple causes. I will not go wrong if I say, there is no magic panacea. But it is a fact that certain healthy habits and precautions do help and provide some relief to this ailment. One important caveat in home-grown sinus infection remedies, is that one needs to be very careful about the frequency of usage, right dosage and the appropiate concentration of the ingredients.Equally important is to search for trustworthy testimonials. That is why one should mostly rely on tested home remedy systems. There are some e-books or systems that provide some promising guidelines and recommend some best practices. In an attempt to explore some available resources on sinus infection home remedy, I have tried to assimilate some inexpensive solutions, which promise effective results. These resources/e-books are priced reasonably and they do not cost fortunes. Most of these resources are backed by safe refund policy to minimize any risk altogether.For those with the history of perpetual sinus problem and seriously looking for some effection sinus infection home remedy , it may be worth trying out one. or some of them, after careful scrutiny.
I proudly say that I have included most of the effective remedies or e-books on Sinus Infection relief in this blog, so you do not need to go anywhere else, if you are searching for a potent sinusitis remedy.

24 Hours Sinus Breakthrough is an excellent resource from James Kennedy. James himself had been a victim of sinus infection since he was a kid. Frustrated by the conventional antibiotic treatment, he succeeded in developing an effective, popular and natural treatment plan for sinusitis.

Kill Sinus - Natural Treatment for Sinusitis
is another digital product that promises quick cure to sinus infection. It has impressive credentials. The author states that the solution was not developed with a profit motivation but to help the users recover from this grave agonizing ailment.

Secret Sinus Remedies covers extensive information on treating sinus problem. It comes with additional bonus materials, which make it a quite attractive offer.Moreover, it enlists great testimonials.

Home Remedies For Sinus that work is also known as Christina's home remedies. This solution, quite reasonably priced, recommends some natural remedies and claims to provide complete relief to sinus infection within very short time.

Your Complete Drug Free Treatments For Sinusitis -A very resourceful ebook teaching you safer and alternative approach for sinusitis. It covers nearly everything On natural treatments For Sinusitis. It discusses the real cause of your sinus problems (acute & chronic) and how you can make just 5 simple changes to stop them from coming back Also it shows how to clear your sinus congestion naturally and holistically. It talks about 4 stimulation techniques to release your body's own natural pain killers and to open up your nasal cavities.

Sinus Infection Home Remedy - Some Known Ones
What are the known remedies for sinus infection that can bring some relief to this agonizing ailment? If, at all some home remedies for sinus infections exist, how effective are they? These are difficult questions with no definite answer that can point to the panacea, the ultimate sinus infection treatment.
Let me enlist some known common-sense sinus infection remedies, that any internet-surfer will find. These are pretty common and widely discussed sinus infection treatments.
ou may watch the following embedded video on alternative medicine herbal remedies particularly for sinus infection cure.

  • Fluid Therapy – Increase liquid intake (particularly water and hydrating beverages) that would promote drainage from the sinuses and maintain open sinuses.

  • Steam Inhalation and steamy shower- Inhale steam 2-4 times a day by leaning over a pot of hot water or using a steam vaporizer. Mentholated vaporizer, like Vicks Vapo-Rub, can be added to the teaming water to facilitate opening the passageways. Steamy shower is also helpful.

  • Use humidifier to keep the passages from drying out.

  • Using Nasal spray would help blow out the mucous trapped in nasal passages.

  • No smoking or drinks. Desperately avoid the smokers to escape the impact of passive smoking.

  • Try the Neti-pot, the saline irrigation pain relief method. Neti-pot is a ceramic pot available in store with instructions to use it and has become quite popular as sinus infection treatment.Neti-pot irrigation technique originated in India in ancient times and is still popular as one of the potent home remedies for sinus infection.
sinus infection home remedy

Some specific words about Nasal irrigation - it is considered as a potent adjunctive treatment or therapy for sinusitis cure. It is a goof hygiene practice that washes nasal cavity and purges out excess nasal mucus. But overindulgence with nasal irrigation and obsessive practice may not be beneficial. There are some protective elements of the mucous membrane in our nose; if those are flushed out it could adversely affect the nasal immunological chemistry . This may work against curing sinus infection.
The above tips and suggestions are widely known amongst those suffering perennially from sinus infection and do not present any new detail to qualify as a potent and viable sinus infection home remedy. In other words, those who are desperately searching for some relief from sinus infection home remedy, are looking forward to some more value-added solutions.

Sinus Infection Home Remedy - some home-spun ones

There are some home-spun remedies for sinus infection known to be quite effective. I want to discuss three of them - Apple cider Vinegar(ASV), Oregano Oil and Olive Oil.

Apple Cider Vinegar is well-known grandma style home remedy and one needs to take 3 to 4 tablespoon of ASV, after mixing it in a glass of water. This also cures mild cold and flue symptoms. Per FDA recommendation, the vinegar sold in USA should contain 5-6 percent of acetic acid to prevent bacterial growth. There are also several ways of intake -one may add 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar to the vaporizing tank. In absence of a vaporizer, hot water mixed with ACV can be put in a container and its steam may be inhaled. A concoction made of one tea-spoon of both ACV and honey is also popular. This may be prepared just like tea and sipped. The Vinegar Institute also recommends that gargling with ACV ( measure: 1 tsp) mixed with hot water would also ease sinus congestion. There are not much known side effects, but excessive intake of vinegar could irritate one esophagus.

Oregano Oil is often included in the popular wisdom tips to cure sinus. Oil of Oregano has both anti-viral and anti-bacterial components. It is also a well-known remedy to fight off allergies,virus , fungi and bacterial ailments. Normally, 2-3 drops of Oregano Oil are taken with fruit juice at a regular interval. It is known as a popular and potent home remedy for sinus infection.

Olive Oil, as we all know, promises a lot of health benefits particularly for its strong antioxidants concentration. Normally people mix olive oil with a number of essential oils and it is believed that helps to ease sinus pain and pressure. They are namely - eucalyptus,peppermint and tea tree oil.

I came to know about  an oriental remedy, a traditional chinese medicine. It is Cocklebur fruit (Xanthium, cang er zi) , one of the quite potent herbs used amongst the Chinese people to treat sinus infection and other related congestions, chronic nasal discharges and obstructions. It  is also  believed to treat respiratory allergies.

Before using any of the above remedies, it is essential to consider that none of them are FDA approved. Although these ingredients , by popular wisdom, are quite effective and not harmful, it is recommended to consult physician. ( Also, please refer to my disclaimer page.)

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